houseThe Loing river runs peacefully to mark the border of the park of 12,000m2, and many swans and ducks have settled there. Hundreds-year-old trees and frequent visitors such as squirrels, faisants and Canadian gooses, contribute to give this place a bucolic and rural touch. La Loingtaine has changed the owner in 1970 and again in 2004. Since mid 1970s Bertrand Eriksson, painter by training has worked on the 12,000m2 park to improve it to the present form. Under the present owner (Tourinvest), La Loingtaine opens itself to those who wish to discover authentic French way of living. It also has become a well appreciated place of classical chamber music concerts of high quality inviting musicians from other European countries. La Loingtaine offers six independent accommodations on the property. The main house also receives tourists for short and longer stay to enjoy the environment which is known through impressionists paintings, Fontainebleau castle which is one of the World Heritage site of France, fishing and hiking and rock climbing in the largest forest of France.